Friday, April 25, 2014

Squeeze out a few more Yesses for April!

Well, April came and went, didn’t it? But hold tight: it’s not over yet. This weekend and next is jam-packed with true Austin action. Let’s close this month out right.

We’ve got three days left of Fusebox Festival. This free interactive festival has taken over the city and there are great events happenin’ this weekend like Bring Your Own Record Listening Party, Sewn on the Street, and a Frito Pie Tour. If you don’t feel like making an appearance, Physical Plant Theater has created a slow-motion story that happens via text message for the next six months. All you gotta do is subscribe to Computer Simulation of the Ocean. It’s pretty interesting so far!

If you’ve got some extra bucks lying around and dig eating & drinking for reasons other than just surviving, check out the Austin Food & Wine Festival. In addition to your classic food and wine tastings, there will be live music (of course), book signing, grilling demos and more! There are a couple of after-parties too, so party on, Garth.

How many festivals are we allowed to have in this city at once? Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival is back again so we can crack up until we crack open. Grab a badge, day pass or individual tickets quick, cause the party ends Saturday!

Of course this Saturday is Eeyore’s 51st Birthday Party at Pease Park. If you’ve never been, you really owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in what little weirdness Austin has left. It’s free, it’s kid-friendly (for a bit), and it’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. Grab your hula hoop & body paint and meet me at Pease Park! Runs from 11am till it’s dark in the park.

Don’t exhaust yourself there though, because I want to see your shiny pretty faces at Cheer Up Charlie’s (remember, they are on Red River now) for Vagina’s Maga*Zine Launch Party. The action happens at 9pm with live music, lots of goodies, and of course, Vagina Zine live & in color. PS: Flip through the pages ‘til you see my poem and let me know what you think! I’ll see ya on the dance floor.

If ya dig what you read, come check me & a slew of amazing poets out at the BedPost Confessions Poetry Show! We start rockin’ the mic at 8pm on Saturday, May 3rd and if you don’t get chills, I’ll give you your money back. $10 at the Spiderhouse Ballroom!

Let’s go Say Yes!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Weekend of Love! (and indifference.)

Disclaimer: I don't always get into the Valentine's mood, but when I do, I go all the way. I whipped up this agenda for some visiting friends and ended up getting really excited to see all the fun and interesting things going on this weekend. No matter your mood this weekend, there is something for you to do! (Plus the weather should be fabulous). 

So, Because I Love You So Much:

THE WEEKEND OF LOVE! (and indifference.)

Choose your own adventure guide:
$ - Under $10.00
$$ - Over $10.00
- my top picks
events listed in a timely fashion

Friday, February 14th

5pm. Free cheese plates at Drink.Well. This cozy bar is home to tasty small plates, the best homemade dressing and an amazing Bloody Mary. $

6pm. Bananarchy Valentine's Fête Costumée. Bananarchy is opening up for one night to feed us frozen raspberry truffle bananas (and vegan chocolate options). Plus they encourage dressing up! Fancy pants banana party? Yes. $

7pm. Valentine Cabaret Starring Jolie Goodnight & Her Stardust Band at Firehouse Lounge. Her entrancing voice drips of nostalgia as she sings 1940's classics in lieu of the World War II era, when swing and jazz permeated smoky cabaret rooms. Each of her songs has a story to be shared and she'll expose even more to you, as she becomes unlaced. Enjoy delicious small plates, craft cocktails and prohibition-era drinks. Apparently her voice could melt a stone heart. I’M INTRIGUED. $15. $$

7:30pm. Mortified ATX: Doomed Valentines Show at Spiderhouse. Witness adults sharing their most embarrassing childhood artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, plays, home movies, art) with others, in order to reveal stories about their lives. Hear grown men and women confront their past with tales of their first kiss, first puff, worst prom, fights with mom, life at bible camp, worst hand job, best mall job, and reasons they deserved to marry Jon Bon Jovi. $12. Bonus! Eat dinner at Love Balls. Rice balls rice balls rice balls. $$

7:30pm. In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl at Zach Theater. A stimulating, funny and provocative new Broadway hit set in a prim upper class Victorian home, where a gentleman doctor has invented an extraordinary and mysterious device for treating “hysteria.” His wife overhears mystifying sounds emanating in the next room and sees patients leaving in blissful health. This smart comedy ponders marriage and intimacy, and what it truly means to find connection. Tickets are $40. $$

8:00pm. LoveFest at The Institution Theater. Troupes include: Bedfellows - Take a rare peek at the secretly hilarious post coital moments as they happen between a woman and a man and a woman. Nugefield - a show that celebrates a world falling apart while two people are falling in love. And Lovecast - Improvised stories of love and song intertwined. Plus special appearances! $12/$20 for couples. $$
8pm, 9pm, 10:30pm. The New Movement Valentine’s Day Party. Free pink bubbly, improv and dating games, a lie off, and spagetti dinner date…..yeah?!. Each show is $10 or $25 for the whole night. $-$$
9:00pm. 6th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Burlesque Show at Speakeasy. The sultry Bat City Bombshells & swanky jazz ensemble Chico Chico will tear it up! $12-$15 presale, $15-$20 at the door. $$

❤ 9:00pm. The Subterranean Series: Ain’t Love a Drag!  Experience a one-of-a-kind-interactive-never-seen-before-never-to-be-seen-again theatrical experience of fierce and flawless magnitude...almost. The drag kings and queens of the "legendary" Purple Peacock gather together for the final performance at their east side dive-bar drag home before it is turned into condos for hipsters and yuppies. An irreverent homage to Valentine's Day (not really), Ain't Love A Drag is a full-on interactive experience for anyone seeking to celebrate a Hallmark-less holiday while laughing your ass off and drinking with friends you haven't met yet. Be you a love-struck romantic goon or a hard-hearted bitter old broad, this is the place for you to celebrate the magic (bitch) of love. DRAG ATTIRE ENCOURAGED! Themed snacks and libations available for your face! Tickets are $20. $$

❤ TBA? (Probably 8-9ish). I Hate Valentine's Party at Gourdough’s Public House. Drink specials, adult piñata, Anger release board - bring your photos of your ex to throw darts at, Breakup story confessions, Anti-Valentine music & movies and donuts! $

10:30pm. FETISH: A Valentine's Affair at The Marchesa Hall & Theater. Austin's sexiest aerial acrobats perform for you on poles, lyras, chairs, silks, trapeze, and aerial chains! Solos, sexy duets and sizzling group numbers! Highly choreographed scenes of aerial passion! Tickets are $25 for standing room only. $$

11pm. Austin Roller Disco of Love. Yes, Just Yes. $15. $$ (byob, going on until 4am!)

❤  7:30pm. Valentine X: A Candlelit Night of Horror, Presented by House of Torment. What was meant to be a romantic night has now become a tale of bloodied hearts that will keep you and your date or friends clenched in fear! House of Torment presents: Valentine X, a thrilling experience premiering Valentine’s weekend. Experience the Bear Butcher who seeks out his lustful and obsessive revenge in candlelit horror. He leaves nothing but an “X” carved into his victim’s foreheads. Celebrate Valentine’s weekend in a way like no other by getting scared at House of Torment! $25. $$

Saturday, February 15th

7:30pm. In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl at Zach Theater. A stimulating, funny and provocative new Broadway hit set in a prim upper class Victorian home, where a gentleman doctor has invented an extraordinary and mysterious device for treating “hysteria.” His wife overhears mystifying sounds emanating in the next room and sees patients leaving in blissful health. This smart comedy ponders marriage and intimacy, and what it truly means to find connection. Tickets are $40. $$

❤ 7:30pm or 9:30pm. Mortified ATX: Doomed Valentines Show at Spiderhouse. $12. Bonus! Eat dinner at Love Balls. Rice balls rice balls rice balls. $$

❤ 8:00pm. Never Have I Ever: The Musical. Mark and Candace host a cocktail party for Mark's rambunctious liberal arts college friends to celebrate their recent engagement. Emotions run high after a long night of the drinking game confessional "Never Have I Ever" when Mark reveals details of his sexual experiences in college. $10-$12. $-$$.

8:00pm. I Love You So Much: Interweaving and Improvised Stories About Love in all its Many Forms at the Hideout Theater. $12. $$

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tragedy: A Tragedy

"We put language where loneliness is."

Tragedy: a tragedy by Will Eno is currently finishing up it's run at Hyde Park Theatre. I had the pleasure of seeing this play last week, and as is true with everything I see at Hyde Park, it has stuck with me. In Tragedy, the sun has decided not to rise, and a team of four news anchors does their best to report what little information they have on the situation. While the cast does have a tragedy on their hands, the play is far from tragic. It is touching at times, as the characters recall moments from childhood or how they imagine their co-anchor spends his nights. It is clever and comical, and will keep you laughing for most of your theater experience. And like I mentioned, it might just stick with you. As I went to sleep that night, I found myself in a dream where the sun did not rise in the morning, and spent my time questioning how I would get through it. When I awoke, I spent more time reflecting on the play, recalling my favorite lines.

"I am reminded of a favorite uncle. He gave me a dictionary. Which I mistook as the long, sad, confusing story of everything."

If you haven't heard, Ken Webster has recently taken the title of Best Theatre Director in the recent Austin Chronicle Best of Austin Poll as well as being the only person to receive a B. Iden Payne award for directing over three decades. Tragedy: a tragedy (or anything else that plays at the little theater) is a great date night option, or even a good pick me up if you're rolling solo. Honestly, I usually go alone because I find myself needing space to reflect on the imagery and emotions that the play brings up for me.

The show runs at 8:00 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays until October 12th. Tickets are $20 this weekend, but will be $22 for the final weekend. Discounts are available! You can purchase tickets online or by calling 479-PLAY (7529). Follow Hyde Park Theatre on Facebook & Twitter to stay up to date on the upcoming season.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Austin gets a Head!

Austin has a giant bun in the oven. The proud parents are a glowing team of over 20 artists, architects, and designers, who have come together to birth The Kinetic Child. Mastermind David Altair Karave suggests you leave the iPhone behind and take a moment to see the world through the eyes of a child. The interactive installation, once complete, will feature a 20 foot tall baby’s head whose movements can be manipulated by curious adults and children. Once inside, the viewer will be able to examine five constructed shrines, dedicated to all the “stuff” we say we can’t live without. What would our lives be like if we could go back to that time of innocence when objects didn’t define us? Karave wants you to ponder these questions and perhaps discover what you own and what owns you. 

The Kinetic Child will be on display in Austin at Indra’s Awarehouse (7904 FM 969, Austin, TX, 78724) starting August 9th with an opening party complete with food and drink, and your chance to win a ticket to the sold-out Burning Man Festival. Tickets will be a suggested donation of $10 and kids will receive free entry. After August 10th, the happy family will embark on a road trip to Burning Man, where it will in fact, burn, baby, burn. The shrines will be put on display in Denver, Colorado before the crew heads back to Austin. 

Be sure to follow their progress with daily updates and videos on the Facebook page and back 

The Kinetic Child on Kickstarter to keep Austin weird and receive rewards!

A creative rendering of the project. Image Credit:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top five Tuesday list!

Say Yes! Unless you're too sleepy, or busy, or just don't feel like it. Hello, old friends. Apparently I only update this blog in months that start with the letter "J!" I took a small say yes hiatus to sleep and just say maybe for a while. Here's what I've been up to:

I was a guest story-teller for the Megaphone show at New Movement Theater! The Megaphone show runs every Wednesday at 9:30 and is free & byob! Every week they invite a "special guest/local celebrity/fun-person-about-town" up on stage to share a few of their favorite true stories. They take bits and pieces of those stories and use them to inspire their improv show. It was my first time in their new theater downtown, and it's a really great space. Parking is abundant during that time, and they have mini fridges to keep your beverages cool. Be sure to check out one of their shows or free improv classes soon!

My next adventure involved playing "Deep Reality Chick" in Happiness is a Choice's 20th experiment! That show was a blast, and I can't wait to see them perform again. 

I've also been trying to meet up with more local bloggers, so I e-mailed Heidi from Free Fun in Austin and we got together for some wine & blog talk! You should definitely check out her site for all the free & super cheap happenin' things around the city. 

The other day for dinner I stopped in to Counter Culture for a nice vegan meal, on what I thought was just a normal day in Austin, but of course it's Austin! So it seemed to be that I had stumbled upon an open mic night. I was the only one enjoying the patio when the poets & musicians (total characters, by the way) arrived, so I went ahead and read a poem of mine. Good times! They will be there every Wednesday night at Counter Culture, and possibly incorporating live painting and other art forms soon. 

So, on to my top five picks for Tuesday. Because honestly, Tuesday is a little boring.

  1. Make it theatrical: Head up to Hyde Park Theater for a free preview of their new masterpiece, Thom Pain (based on nothing). If you know me, I recommend seeing every play that every graces the stage at Hyde Park. If you can't see it for free today, Thursdays are Pay What You Can night, and the show will run through August 3rd! 
  2. Make it terrifying: Catch a classic horror film at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz tonight at 9:55pm. Tonight's pick: POPCORN. Just $3. Of course, actual popcorn is extra. And delicious!!!!
  3. Make it fit: Take a ride with Mellow Johnny's Ladies' Ride from 5:30-7:30pm tonight. This is a weekly ride that allows you to meet fellow lady cyclists while cruising scenic scenes. Mellow Johnny's offers tons of other rides throughout the month, so be sure to check out my Work-Out Plan calendar (to your right)! 
  4. Make it funny: Check out the Stool Pigeon show at Coldtowne Theater at 8:30pm. The show's "pigeon" relates stories from their life, and the cast runs with it to create an improv show! 
  5. Make it taco?: Chill out at Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar (not to be confused with Lucy in Disguise, or Lucy's Fried Chicken, or Rainey St. Bar Lucille's, although all great places....) for $1, $2, and $3 taco night! Tonight also happens to be Texas Music Tuesdays at Lucy's, so you can jam AND cram cheap tacos in your facehole. Plus, it's pup friendly. Happy hour from 3-7pm, and music starts at 6! 
I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed this edition of Say Yes Austin, the summer series. Tag #sayyessummer when doing your social media things to let me know if you're checking out any of these events, or if you know of some I should look into! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saying Yes in 2013

Welcome to the first Say Yes adventure of the year! What was the first thing you said yes to this year?

I have to tell you that I’ve said yes to so many things in the past couple of weeks, that my mind is blowing up! I quit my concierge job downtown and started a new job as an admin. It’s a Monday-Friday, 9-5 thing, and I’m still getting used to the awesomeness of that. Now that I can Say Yes to everything happening on the nights and weekends, where do I start? The truth is, is that I haven’t really started. In addition to the new job, I moved in with my boyfriend, who is also a yes enthusiast! So, most of my free time up until now has been focused on cleaning out my old apartment and unpacking in the new one! I’m sad to be leaving my 78704 way of life, but I hear the east side is about get a new 24 hour coffee shop & beer joint, The Buzzmill, for all my upping and downing needs. But now that I’m all settled, I can focus my attention back on the blog! If you haven’t already, check out the Calendar Page to quench your Austin event curiosity. I’m in the process of updating all the information and making it perfect, but in the meantime, find out where to get your booze on for a budget, where to dine for a dime, how to entertain your kids, and the best things to do on hump day.

As always, here are my suggestions to get you started:

If your New Year’s resolution is to explore more, check out the new Free Wine Walk at the Hill Country Galleria, helping you booze, cruise, and schmooze. This event will happen every 2nd Thursday of the month from 5-9pm. Start at Twin Liquors to pick up your map, and sip wines along the way as you explore all the sweet stores the Galleria has to offer.

If your New Year’s resolution is to become more well-rounded, see some theater (pronounced “thee-ah-taa”)! Catch Tru, opening this Thursday at the Zach Theatre, which has recently received a major facelift! I’m pretty sure you can see the new marquee from space. This one-man show stars Jaston Williams from Greater Tuna as Truman Capote, and promises to surprise and fulfill you, just like it did when it packed the house twelve years ago. The show runs Thu-Sun until March 10th, but the first weekend has already sold out, so get your tickets now!

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, Get Fit 2013 has you covered this Sunday, the 13th, at Austin Ballet. This free yearly event allows you to sample as many classes as you’d like, ranging from literally A-Z. Experience Arms & Abs, finally try that Pilates everyone is talking about, or get your groove on in Zumba! This year will also feature a kid’s zone, so bring along your tot and see if they can drop it like it’s hot. Seriously, they will have Zumba for kids! In addition to free classes, you can start the year off right with free health screenings for you and your loved ones. Stick around and enjoy snacks from Mel’s Meals (which I rave about here), discounts on classes and workshops to help keep your commitment going, and a drawing to win prizes for both adults and kids!

You can also get fit by doin’ more dancin’ this year. Try some West Coast Swing at Austin Uptown Dance weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm. They’ll get you started with a $15 lesson which also gives you access to the social dance! If boot scootin’ is more your thang, head over to the Broken Spoke Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm to start with a free lesson to get you goin’ before the band plays! If you’re feeling a little more spicy this year, Austin Uptown Dance has once again got you covered. Stop by Thursday nights to get a Salsa dancing lesson before the dance begins. You can’t forget the blues. Kick them at Kick Butt Blues every Friday night from 9pm-2am for the low price of $5!

So, you want to say yes more this year? Adult improv classes can help. Learn the fundamentals of improv, meet new people, play games, and even sing with the help of your new teachers, The Known Wizards. They have joined forces with the Zach Theater and will be hosting a grand opening this Sunday, January 13th from 6-9pm. Tickets are $13 dollars, which include snacks, drinks, and a show! As the improv folk like to say “yes, and...”


If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with your heathens, I mean children, stop by the Austin Children’s Museum Tuesday-Saturday for storytime at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Babies three and under can enjoy the fun too on Mondays from 9am-12pm, or Saturday from 9-10am, when the museum is open exclusively for families with wee little ones. Baby Boomers and Cub Club allows you to explore the museum in a relaxed setting while Baby Jack enjoys some sensory activities. Out and about on Sunday? Let your kids loose while you do some shopping at Whole Foods! The Kid’s Club runs from 12-2pm and hosts a variety of food related activities. Kids have all the fun!

Let me know if there is anything I should say yes to this year!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Nod Your Head like a Yes Man!

Performing in Mortified was the highlight of my life! Or at least my weekend. The crowd had amazing energy and they made reading my embarrassing childhood memories much less nerve-wracking. They have chapters all over the US, so tell your friends! The next chance to catch a show is coming up soon, on November 4th at Fun Fun Fun Fest on the Yellow stage. After that, get ready for an angst-filled after-valentine's day extravaganza on February 15th and 16th, once again at the 29th St. Ballroom. I'll give you more info as it becomes available!

ACL Live is going to be slammin' for Halloween this year with Soundsystem Fest, bringing you Dirty Vegas, Classixx, and other world class electronic artists and DJs along with amazing sensory....sensations! Doors will be at 7pm and tickets are still on sale. Straight from the website: "It's a gamechanger, so come prepared for the biggest, baddest, sickest mind-blowing party in all of Texas....probably in the entire country!" Tickets start at $49 but I have two free tickets with your name on it if you leave a comment with 1) How you heard about Say Yes Austin or 2) Like or share Say Yes Austin on Facebook and leave me a link in a comment, showing me you did so, and I will pick a winner at random. See you on the dance floor! 

Don't forget you can still check out the coolest haunted house downtown, Ecopocalypse before hitting 6th street for all your shenanigans. Open at 6pm until the line ends! 

One of my favorite local bands, Armadillo Road will be playing Halloween night at the infamous Broken Spoke. Check them out from 6-8pm, stay for the dance lesson, and stick around for the next band at 9pm! 

Well, now that Halloween is almost over, it's time to think about Christmas. And Sufjan Stevens is one step ahead of us with The Surfjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant On Ice on December 1st. It's already sold out, which is incredible, but I'm keeping my eye on tickets on Craigslist! What do you have planned for this holiday season? I can't wait for my annual Christmas movie marathon. 

We saw BILL COSBY Sunday night at Bass Concert Hall and it was amazing, of course. And he was all decked out in UT gear. I will be checking out another sold-out show this weekend, Taking Back Sunday at Emo's. Holla at your girl if you'll be out and about! 

My friends are running their second annual Bloody Balloon Battle, that I unfortunately have to miss this year, but that you should definitely donate to and check out. Check out the pictures from last year here! This battle will happen on Sunday, November 4th, 11am! 

You probably remember me gushing about This American Live, an improv show based on none other than This American Life, that I participated in earlier this year. The show is so well-put together it's incredible. In addition to improvised scenes, there are interviews, video and audio clips, monologues, and more that are all based on the topic of the evening. It was so amazing and so popular, it's back! It starts again this Friday, November 2nd. Check it out at it's new location, the Institution Theater, Fridays at 8pm. You'll thank me later. 

Enjoy your Halloween holiday, stay safe, call a cab, and say yes!