Friday, March 5, 2010

Scavenger hunts, moshpits, shots!

Yesterday was the perfect Say Yes night. I met up with #36 at Jo's to do a trial run of a scavenger hunt event for SXSW, put on by ESET.

It was really easy, fun, full of a freebies (water, Cliff Bars, monitor spray). The first 100 people got a copy of their Antivirus software, and everyone was entered to win a laptop. They will be doing it all again during SXSW so I hope I can catch it.

After a cup of coffee, some good conversation, and seeing Leslie, I hopped on a bus to Emo's to see Glassjaw. I was kind of bummed because I found out the show started at 10, with no opening band, and I was there an hour early. I sat at the bar and watched American X. It was pretty intense (never seen it before), and Ed Norton is HOT!

ANYWAY, I heard the music starting so I chugged my drink and jumped in the pit. I had a blast sweating and screaming with all my new sweating and screaming friends. Glassjaw rocked the house, of course. Thanks to Emo's for bringing 'em in!

I headed over to Cheers Shot Bar for 2 shots and a drink (to meet the credit card minimum) and met up with my friend who kindly listened to my drunk ramble and repeated stories and got me home safe!

Best Night Ever!

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