Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feels like an Emo's Week

I got my ticket to MewithoutYou at Emo's the day they went on sale, and the show has finally arrived tonight! MC Chris is playing tomorrow, who I've seen before and highly recommend seeing. I wasn't going to go, but since I found out MC Lars is also performing, and they have a great/funny song together that I love and play for everyone, I've decided to do the Emo's thing two nights in a row. So if you love live music and are free the next couple of nights, come join me in the mosh pit or the big nerd-rap group hug.

Thursday night, I plan on seeing Bug at Hyde Park Theatre. It's about crack, comes highly recommended by my theater buff friends, and Thursday night happens to be pay-what-you-want. I'll see ya there at 8pm.

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