Saturday, July 31, 2010

So much sushi to Say Yes to

Stopped by Kenichi the other day for happy hour. I've been on the hunt for the perfect Philadelphia roll, and by God, I've found it.

We also tried the Salmon Goat Cheese, which blew my mind as well. It's exactly what it sounds like, but the sweet onion glaze makes this plate outta this world. It's definitely worth a try, and super cheap during happy hour.

I didn't partake in the Kobe Beef that you cook yourself on hot rocks, but apparently it's incredible. So incredible, my friend tried to convince me, the non-meat eater, to try it. And I almost did based on his reactions upon eating the tender little beef slices.

We tried a couple other rolls, and they were tasty, but I'm going to keep working my way through the menu and find a favorite.

The food came out quick, the sushi chefs were friendly and attentive, as was our server. While sitting at the sushi bar, we heard another server dropping angry f-bombs around his co-workers behind us, and it was a bit unsettling. We're not easily offended, but we do expect a certain level of professionalism. We paid the bill and then spoke to a manager about it. She was apologetic and offered us a free dessert and wanted to be sure we wanted to come back. We'll be stopping in again, for sure, and hoping that we don't run into the same situation.

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