Friday, August 20, 2010

Do you love Improv?

Yes? Good.

My favorite confident men will be playing two Sundays in a row at The Highball. This should be pretty boss, considering you get to witness an hour of The Andersons, Confidence Men, and Gin Joint (a sweet jazz duo), set in a 1950's theme for only $5. So, check them out TODAY and next Sunday, at The Highball at 8pm! I've got just the dress for this!

Also, I made my OOB schedule, and here it is so far:

Tuesday 8/31:

The opening party at the Continental Club, 10pm.

Wednesday 9/1:

I pick up the lovely girls from Rosa Parks Improv and show them around my favorite city. The first night of shows are on two stages at Salvage Vanguard Theater, or SVT. I'll be sitting in on the Apples Stage to watch Midnight Society, Dusk (Improvised Tween Erotica), Snackers, and You're Not My Real Dad.

Thursday 9/2:

This is a tough one! If you're at SVT, check out Available Cupholders & Switch (the group I wouldn't stop raving about last month) at 9:30pm on the Apples Stage. Then, head over to the Oranges Stage and check out Two Fun Men (from NY) and Austin Secrets. If you're downtown, you can check out Your Terrific Neighbors at 7:30pm and Hitchcocked! at 9pm at The Hideout. Shows will also be going on at Coldtowne Theater and once you pay $5, you're in for as long as you'd like! If you're more into stand-up, check out The Velveeta Room.

Friday 9/3:

Parallelogramophonograph (or Pgraph) and an All-Star Maestro starting at 9pm at SVT. Girls Girls Girls will be playing The Hideout at about the same time if you're into improvised musicals, and who isn't?! Then, head home and take a nap to get geared up for Happiness is a Choice at 1am at Coldtowne Theater. I can't wait to see what these boys are up to now!

Saturday 9/4:

At 5pm, I'm going to check out Rosa Parks Improv at Coldtowne Theater. Then, I'm heading over to The Hideout for Confidence Men and Kind Strangers: Improvised Tennessee Williams and sticking around for Drum Machine (you have to see it!)

There are a few shows going on Sunday & Monday, but I might be worn out by then. I'll let you know! Again, here is the link to Out Of Bounds and the venues, Salvage Vanguard Theater, Coldtowne Theater, The Hideout, and The Velveeta Room.

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  1. Thanks for picking us up and for coming to our show, Ryan!!

    Love Rosa Parks Improv