Sunday, August 1, 2010

Melancholic Happiness

Holy Emotion Austin Enthusiasts!

I saw Melancholy Play at Austin Playhouse Friday night. I can't stop thinking about it because it blew my mind. It was incredibly touching, fun, well-acted, and surprisingly personal. When I heard about this play I was immediately interested simply because of the title. Such an interesting emotion, and choice of words, melancholy. I sat down in the front row so I wouldn't miss a beat. The main character, Tilly, is adorable and intriguing. Lorenzo, her therapist, is incredibly passionate and intense. Her boyfriend, Frank, is a bit shy, quiet, and unknowingly missing a part of himself. Her hairdresser, Frances is perky, excited, and full of emotion. Her friend, Joan, is stubborn at first, but then easily melts at Tilly's innocence. The monologues and human emotions are easy to relate to, but I was taken by surprise when Tilly began to describe a certain word in a different language, because that word is tattooed on my arm. It's a hard word to describe, but the writing of the play and the dialogue captured it so well. So needless to say, I especially identified with this play and her character.

There are five shows left, and I am positively seeing it again next week. You can see it this Thursday-Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm. Stick around after the show at meet the actors, because they are all very sweet and lovable! I spoke to "Tilly" after the show, and she was excited about my tattoo and offered to e-mail me the other words she described in the play. "Joan" also ran after me before I left to officially introduce herself and personally thank me for coming to the show. So please support these amazingly talented people and enjoy some theater! You won't leave feeling melancholy.

Now, onto the happiness. Happiness is a choice! Happiness Is A Choice is my favorite group of on-stage experimenters. I see a lot of improv, and Happiness is a Choice is a fresh breath of air in a sea of assigned formats. It's a calming experience watching these brilliant men think out loud, perform random handstands, wear the color of happiness on their sleeves, and perform experiments. They are scientists, and they are performing TONIGHT, 8:30pm at Coldtowne Theater, for free! Every Monday night Coldtowne Theater brings you Monday Night Mash, a night of three improv troupes for the low, low cost of free. BYOB!

Dear Austin, you are awesome.

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