Sunday, August 22, 2010

Music, Movies, and More!

Yes, I still love the theater. The Zach Theatre has some awesome plays going on now and coming up soon. The Drowsy Chaperone is in its final two weeks, and while I got sick the night I was going to see it, my friends went and said it was GREAT! I'm going to try to catch it before its ends on August 29th. Also showing is Metamorphoses, which is a story about Greek Myths. It contains brief male nudity and a splash zone, how awesome is that? And now, what you've all been waiting for, RENT! It starts September 16th and ends November 28th. Tickets are on sale now, but only by phone. I heard through a reliable source at The Zach Theatre that the play will be set in Austin as opposed to New York. I'm both excited and skeptical (which is awesome, because it's amazing when I'm proved wrong) to see this idea! I'm a little afraid of how loud I'll be singing when "Light My Candle" comes on, though. Haha!

I also like theater of the movie type! Therefore, I especially like The Drafthouse and their engaging movie concoctions. While my cup is still not brimming with booze, I'm interested to see AV Geeks: Alcohol Is Dynamite, this Tuesday at 7pm. AV Geeks is essentially this guy, Skip, who creates shows out of old 16mm videos. If you dig it, he's doing it again, except this time it's Your Prom Date and it's at The Highball, August 26th at 7pm. Stick around after the show for a real prom. I have just the dress for this too! I love seeing old movies on the big screen and eating bags of candy while I quote every word. And this Thursday, it will be socially acceptable! Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Quote-Along at The Drafthouse. It's playing the next three Thursdays at 7pm.

Hey, remember how we are in the live musical capitol of the world? Well, if you forgot, here are some reminders. One of my favorite music magazines, Paste Magazine is hosting its first ever tour, and it kicks off in Austin. Tickets are available now through pre-sale, and will get you a free digital subscription to Paste. The show is October 12th at The Mohawk. A few days later, Sufjan Stevens will be in town! Check him out on October 19th at 8pm at The Long Center. Tickets are $30.

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