Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sad, Happy, Funny, Oh My!

Here's what's been happenin':

I used my Groupon at How Do You Roll? the other day.

How Do You Roll? gives you the chance to play God! Choose your wrap, meat, vegetables (or fruit!), and your topping. Apparently, there are 37 million possibilities. I went with some tofu skin, avocado, pineapple, and tuna. And a Philly roll. And a Slammin' Salmon roll. I REALLY LIKE SUSHI, OKAY??

Service was incredible, the guys there were really nice. I got all of that for $20 bucks, so that's not bad! It was tasty and quick and fun. I'll be back soon.

I also went to Black Swan Yoga, which is on W. 5th St. This place is cool because it's all by donation. You show up to a class of your choice (there are a TON), and pay after class by dropping cash in the donation box or by swiping your credit card on one of the two available computers. They also offer mat and towel rentals for $2, have a fridge of cold beverages, and showers. The suggested donation is $10-$15, but if you can't make that, there's no pressure because you make the donation on your own and not to the instructor. I usually do Bikram Yoga, yeah, that's right, I live and play in the heat and then go work out in it, but I was looking for something a little less hot. I took the Vinyasa class, which is suggested for beginners, and it was nice. I broke a sweat, got to breathe, and clear my mind. All classes are about an hour long, and they start as early as 6am and keep going till 8:30pm! I'm definitely excited to go back. Maybe even today!

In less happy news, The Dobie Theatre is closing its doors this Sunday. I'm ashamed to say I only had the opportunity to experience this wonderful place once. However, I will be going tonight, to say goodbye and watch The Kids Are All Right. If you get a chance, see a movie there this weekend!

In funnier news, Out of Bounds is coming! What? You've never heard of it? Well, keep reading! Out of Bounds is a comedy festival that Austin hosts every year. From improv, to stand-up, to film and sketch, this is going to be one action packed week. It starts Aug. 31st and ends Sep. 6th, and happens at all of our lovely improv venues across the city. I have two suggestions for you, but I'll be back with more. Confidence Men at 7pm at The Hideout Theatre, and Happiness is a Choice at 1:30am at Coldtowne Theater. My two favorite troupes in the same night? I'm already shaking with excitement. Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall will also be there if tickets are still available!

Well, I have to get back to my day job now, but stay cool and check back for updates!

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