Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Say Yes to Sobriety!

I'm taking a break from the booze. Don't worry youngins, soon enough I'll be off the sobriety streak and back with less-than-sober shenanigan stories to share! But in the meantime, my liquor-free challenge will give me the opportunity to explore new avenues in entertainment and liquid adventure. I'm thinking refreshing summer sippers like Bouldin Creek Cafe's Rose Lemonade or Summermoon Cafe's Wintermoon Latte. I'm thinking about hoppin' on the frozen yogurt trend, I'm thinking about getting a frozen banana at Banarchy, I'm thinking about the Boston Cream Pie Snowcone at Casey's, etc, etc! What's everyone's favorite virgin summer-time concoction or treat?

I'm also excited to discover fun summer-time places and things that keep my mind off that sweet, sweet Tito. I'm thinking more art museums, more theater, more yoga!, more parks and greenbelts, and some putt-putt at Peter Pan. Anybody have any superb ideas for alcohol-free activities?

Until next time, keep it Sober, keep it Safe.

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