Saturday, September 4, 2010

90 minutes in Heaven

Been on your feet all day? Probably not like this:

Yesterday, I let Courtney at Massage Harmony walk all over me. I had been stoked to get this type of massage since I bought a Groupon for a 90 minute massage at Massage Harmony. I went to the South location, but they also have a location off of Bee Caves. This massage blew my mind. I had no idea one person could do so much with their feet! The first hour was all feet to back, skin to skin contact. Yeah, you have to get completely undressed, but your glutes will thank you later. She used a deep pressure with me, and if you can handle it, I would recommend it. I still feel light as Jello today. For the last thirty minutes, I rolled over and got a pretty standard leg, arm, shoulder, and scalp massage. She found knots I didn't even know existed! Needless to say, I highly recommend Courtney at Massage Harmony and an Ashiatsu massage. If it's your first time at Massage Harmony, they have an introductory special for a 60 minute massage for $34. After that, hour long massages are only $44. On Labor Day they are offering $5 off your massage as well. And lucky you, Yoga Yoga is right next door, and they will be hosting their free day of yoga on Labor Day. Little yoga, little massage, little half-off shopping at Saver's.....yep, sounds like the perfect Monday. What would you do without me??

P.S. - I hope you all are enjoying the Out of Bounds festivities. I saw some fun sketch shows last night at Salvage Vanguard Theater, and tonight, I'm counting down the minutes until Confidence Men and Drum Machine at The Hideout, 7pm!

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