Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Fun and Pizza!

Yay, free fun this weekend.

This Saturday is the Seaholm District Music & Arts Fair at 3rd and Nueces. This is a free, earth and kid friendly event with live music, food, local austin shops, and art installations. Since we are in Austin, they will be broadcasting The Longhorns game on a 40' screen. It starts at noon and you can party on until 10pm.

Once you recover, take advantage of Free Museum Day on Sunday. There are over 30 museums to choose from, and if you attend at least 7, you can get a free pizza from Austin Pizza. (I like the Pesto A Go-Goat). I'm an Art major, so yeah, I'm excited. And hungry.

Mark your calendars for October 12th, for The Dysfunction, a two-hour smörgåsbord fiesta safari of Austin independent theatre at The United States Art Authority. It starts at 7:30, and well, it's going to be a fiesta safari of dysfunction, what else do you need to know?

If you need something to do tonight, here are your options, should you choose to accept them:

Free: Drag Show & Karaoke Revue at Ego's Bar. 8pm.

Cheap: The World Premiere of Baxter & Bernard at The Hideout Theatre at 8pm. $3. (This is where I will be)

Frankenstein: Frankenstein: The Trouble Puppet Show at Salvage Vanguard Theater. 8pm, $10-15. Playing through October 3rd.

Have fun kiddos!

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