Monday, October 11, 2010

Say Yes to smörgåsbord fiesta safaris of theatre

The time for Dysfunction is now. You guys saw Slag right? And you want to see True West, don'tcha? Well, tomorrow night is the night of the Dysfunction, so I hope you're ready. Because a dozen theater companies will showcase their talent, South Paw Jones will host, and a raffle with awesome local stuff will be waiting for you. So stop by The United States Art Authority, tomorrow at 7:30pm and drop a suggested $15-25 in the bucket so they can buy some toasters. For the play. FOR ART!

Tickets here.

Speaking of theater, don't forget to check out Free Night of Theater tomorrow at 11am to reserve your free tickets for improv and theater shows! I used mine last week to see RENT at Zach Theatre and I can't believe I saw it for nothing. The cast is talented, the show is powerful, and I got chills more than twice. I think this week I'll score free tickets to Drumline Live to rock out to and Vampyress to get in the mood for Halloween.


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  1. Wow... that's awesome.. free tickets to rent!!