Sunday, October 3, 2010

Say Yes to Super Fun Super Free Entertainment!

Sorry guys! Day job, art school, real life, no time to Say Yes! What a drag! Been thinkin' about ya'll though, and hope everyone is keeping busy and enjoying this cool weather. I can't wait to bust out my boots!

In my minimal amount of free time I've been hittin' up some Improv as usual. Saturday night at The Hideout, it was the fourth week of Theatresports. Every show has teams hosted by our favorite local venues like Alamo Drafthouse or Cathedral of Junk. The first 30 audience members get hooked up with free stuff! It's a really fun and involving format, so check it out the next four Saturdays at The Hideout at 8pm! October 23rd is the All-Star Game and October 30th will be the Finals!

Tonight, I headed over to Hyde Park Theater to check out When Harry Met David, featuring J/K and Confidence Men who improvised in the style of Harry Pitner and David Mamet on the set of the incredible Vigil.

I keep seeing all this Improv and keep putting off trying Improv! I mean I know I gotta Say Yes, but I'm nervous! It should fit into my schedule this week, it's with the most amazing teachers, and it's free, so why not! So if you want to take a class with me, check out The Institution Theater and choose from four different dates this week! You can also check out a free Improv 101 class at Coldtowne Theater every first Monday at the month. If those dates don't work for you, The Hideout also offers free classes, with one coming up on Tuesday at 7pm!

Speaking of free, how about some free theater? Free Night of Theater is a jaw-dropping amazing concept. They have tickets to shows for the entire month of October. Just check out the site every Tuesday at 11am, and reserve tickets for shows that weekend. RENT! Port-a-potty Makeout Booth!

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