Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Say Yes Stories and Adventures in A-Town

Oh my God guys! I have been ALL over this little city with the help of GoLocal and their scavenger hunt last Sunday. Thanks to Todd for the most bitchin' team shirts anyone could ask for.

But last week, we went to a Thrillist Preview Party for Pinballz Arcade, and I have to tell you guys, this place is AWESOME. I ran around squealing like a little girl at all the super sweet old school games they have. Ninja Turtles!! Sonic!! Crusin' USA! They even have competitive soccer pinball. Basically, if you played it as a kid, it's there. This place is huge, available for parties, and they have memberships available for discounts and competitions against other members. Doors open this Saturday, so I'll see you there!

Then we went to Mikado Ryotei for some sushi before a show. As you may know, I'm on the hunt for the best Philadelphia roll in Austin, and surprisingly this one took first place! For now. The pieces were huge and filled to the brim with flavor. The miso soup was so good I almost ordered another bowl. Oh and service? Yes. Fantastic. I can totally see this becoming a Saturday night ritual. A little pinball, a couple of philly rolls, sleep, repeat. And just FYI, here's my list so far: Mikado Ryotei, Kenichi, and Silhouette.

After we had enough mouth-watering food fun for one night, we headed over to SVT to check out the Saturday Night Special with Get-Up and Secondhand. It was amazing! Secondhand works in the style of Sarah Ruhl, the playwright who is responsible for my favorite play ever, Melancholy Play. I'll keep you posted on their upcoming shows!

So before you check out Pinballz this weekend, check out Sounds Like Fun! Competitive Charades, Part Duh at The Highball. Competitive Charades. Seriously. If you want to register your team or reserve space in the audience, email What will they think of next?

As you know, this blog is called Say Yes and it's not only a name but a lifestyle for me. It started out as an experiment, saying yes to every opportunity that presented itself, and the results were so freakin' amazing, I had to keep doing it and eventually share my enthusiasm and results. I've got lots of stories of how fun and how surprising it's been, but here's one story. I said yes to tons and tons of improv shows, and got to know a lot of the improvisers, like Tom Booker and Asaf Ronen. I found out about free classes, and took one at the Institution Theater. There I met Joel, who ended up being my scavenger hunt buddy, and holds awesome Dexter parties at his house on Sundays. But he's also putting on some shows. Harry Potter and the First Six Movies or 6 Movies, 2 Guys, 1 Hour, No Shame as it's come to be known will be blowing your mind this month and the next. Joel and Patrick will be dishing up everything you need to know about Harry Potter in just one hour, next weekend, 2pm, at SVT. So catch them before you see the next movie, because we all know you don't have time to re-read all the books. Even on your Kindle.

But what I'm trying to say is, everyone in Austin is awesome and does so many amazing things. I say yes to one show, meet one person, and find out they are involved in a world of other innovative, creative, never been done before things. It's mindblowing to know that kind of energy and creativity exists everywhere I go in this city. So Say Yes to a couple of things and see how it goes.

I liked this. Look forward to more say yes stories.

In the meantime, please consider voting for Say Yes Austin in the Austin Blogger Awards. I work hard on this blog for free and absolutely love it, but an award and a couple more fans wouldn't hurt :) SPREAD THE WORD! You can vote until midnight on the 24th. Do it now! Here are my choices:

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