Saturday, December 11, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Are you being naughty or nice today?


Librarian's Night Out, 10:00pm, starts at none other than The Library. "Dress up as a classy, sexy in the old-fashioned way librarian. Pencil skirts, cardigans, and of course glasses. Gentlemen are welcome too! Break out those sweater vests and tweed jackets. We'll start out at The Library (of course), shushing those noisy patrons, and then wander through Sixth Street. As the night wears on, ties will be loosened, buns with be let down with a vixenish shake of the head, and maybe even (gasp!) the glasses will come off."


Santa Rampage! 7:30pm, Buford Tower, bring donations, dress like Santa, follow the Twitter, give gifts to children, and sing modified Christmas carols.

Or at least go downtown and sit on the sidelines to watch the fun unfold!

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