Monday, January 24, 2011

A never-ending quest

As an artist, I can be easily amused by simple lights and colors. As a writer, I can feel myself sigh and my heart skip a beat when I read eloquent, descriptive sentences. When both are combined, it's even better. Turning words into art, local artist Austin Kleon.

Ever since I first found out about his work, I haven't stopped dissecting every article in the paper for engaging words or stories. The whole act of searching, editing, blacking things out is so....calming. I've since made so many blackout poems I had to paste them in a book. I recently discovered he has a place on his website to share your own blackout poems, and they are equally as great and I can't wait to find some time to submit!

So this is a small reminder to seek out and support local art, and of course, say yes.

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  1. This blog is cool. I love Aussie's for the beer and the grilled ham and cheese. See you there.