Saturday, January 8, 2011

Say Yes to Super Cheap

Well it's January now and we're all dealing with the side effects of over-spending during the holidays. Thankfully, our little city always comes through. Sorry I didn't say anything earlier, but there are still two days to enjoy FREE WEEK at the live music venues downtown. This your chance to get back into the groove with some free local music. Red 7, The Mohawk, Emo's, The Parish are some of the venues helping this tradition live in. So head downtown and hop around to your favorite spots and enjoy some music.

Speaking of awesome local music, I just found out that I work with an amazing artist! A transplant from Dallas, she is super weird and luckily got to Austin ASAP! She's only 18 and has major talent. I'm kind of speechless listening to her music right now. She goes by Sassy Wife (formally known as mama wolf) and you can check out her sweet tunes on her website here: Sassy Wife. She should be hitting up some open mic nights at Flipnotics soon, so I'll keep you posted!

Ok, back to the free fun. Be sure to check out New Bohemia this month for their Buy One Get One Free special. Nothing in the store is over 20 bucks and for anything you buy, you get something free, with non of this "equal or lesser value" craziness. They are located on South First next to End of an Ear. We all have to keep up with our hipster status on the cheap, don't we?

So like me, you're probably all gun-ho about eating right this year. While you're still in the mood, check out Whole Foods this Saturday and Sunday for their Winter Bazaar. Partake in half-price ice skating, live music, free personal shopping, giveaways (including an orange fridge), and some tasty in-store deals. If you see someone slipping around on the ice might be me. But, the thing I'm most excited about is their free month long subscription to Eat Right America. Use code CERAWSBLG to sign up and get access to a Personal Nutrition Plan, personal support, food ideas, and more. Yay health!

Well, that's about all the fun I've got up my sleeve for now. But enjoy the stellar weather and keep me posted on how much you love this city!

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