Monday, January 31, 2011

The Yes List

Well, it's a new year, and yada yada yada, I decided to make a list of things around Austin I need to see, do, re-vist and/or accomplish. I'm up for suggestions, and if you see something ya like, come tag along!

The Yes List

- Sphere Ride (technically probably just outside of Austin)
- Peter Pan Mini-Golf
- Spend more time on the east side
- Lazer Tag
- Horseshoe Lounge
- Spend more time in setup bars
- Take another Improv class
- Volente Beach Water Park
- Enjoy the hell out of SXSW
- House Wine
- Eat at the Jalopy
- All City Subs
- Find the best salad
- Try all the vegan trailers
- Find the best tattoo artist
- Go to Uchi
- Go to Uchiko
- More scavenger hunts!
- Spend more time in local galleries
- Get more involved in the local music scene
- Get more involved in the local literature scene
- Pinballz
- Hang out with people!
- Spend more time at the natural swimming holes and parks
- Get involved in more community based things (Exquisite Zombies, Free Market)
- Farmer's Market
- Do more yoga
- Get a drink with Tee-Jay at G&S
- More dancing! (Kiss & Fly hip-hop night, ladies night at broken spoke, salsa nights, swing dancing...)
- W hotel and bar
- Foreign & Domestic
- Spend more time in North Loop
- Conquer S. Lamar
- Curra's Avocado Margarita
- Cedar Door Margarita
- Iron Cactus!
- Do the Gorilla Run
- See those bats
- Get on that river
- Walk/run Town Lake
- Get a ride on Asaf Ronen's scooter
- Walk Tom Booker's dog
- Tea Embassy
- Spend more time in the Alamo Drafthouse
- DK Sushi
- Cathedral of Junk
- Lunch at Somnio's with the happy people
- Take as many pictures in and of Austin as humanly possibly
- See more theater
- More great nights at Dog & Duck

To be continued.

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