Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saying Yes in the Snow

Depending on how well you know me, you may or may not know that I have the best family in the world! My parents just rolled into town for one night to hang out, despite the frickin' freezin' cold! We met up at Foreign & Domestic, because as you've probably heard and read from multiple raving reviews: it's the best. My dad is in the restaurant biz, so he's been obsessed about trying this place for months. We sat at the bar where they make everything in front of you. This place is all about the pig. As a vegetarian/vegan, I was a little worried about what I would eat. The server was very informative and very helpful, and suggested one of the salads and the parsnip ravioli (without the pig). Sounded good. We snacked on some Parmesan Gougere rolls as we waited, which I was almost going to skip, but glad I didn't. They are delicious and fun to eat! We ordered both salads on the menu, and they were fancy and fresh. The ravioli came out topped with pig, so I sort of freaked out and started to question the service a bit, since the server forgot to nix it. We cleared it out of the dish, and man, you have to try this ravioli. It's very light, and a bit sweet. It sits in a fennel broth with brussel sprouts and tiny perfectly sweet grapes. Definitely a winner. They tempted me into trying the Risotto, and oh my god, ya'll. Break your diet for this. I loved it! Overall, it was a pretty good experience. The server forgetting I wanted a vegetarian dish bugs me a bit, as does the fact that owner(?) brought in his toddler daughter and sat her on the expediting line. I can be really picky about things like this (germs and service), so it may not bother you as much, I'm just pointing out things I noticed to help you experience my experience!

We bundled up and headed back South to check out Hopdoddy, another new place my dad has been asking to try. I'm not kidding, this place was hoppin'. All the tables were full, the bar was packed, and there was a huge line to order food. So, we didn't stay, but the menu does look pretty enticing, from the burgers, veggie burgers, and homemade fries, to the milkshakes and cocktails. I'm looking forward to heading back when the weather decides to warm up.

We needed dessert so we stopped at our favorite coffee shop, Bouldin Creek Cafe. The server suggested the vegan chocolate cake, and cowabunga dude, AMAZING! Really good with the Mocha Latte, too. My mom swears the chocolate cake from Mother's is better, so I'm off to try that next. I mean, Mom knows best, right?

So, yes, a fun little Thursday night adventure in the city!

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