Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saying Yes is simple

How about this weather, cuties? Yeah, I'm lovin' it. You should probably head over to the North side and get some biscuits. I had an awesome Friday last week, and to start it all off, I met a bunch of friends over at Biscuits and Groovy. Lucky for me, I was hungover and therefore able to stuff several biscuit varieties in my face. And, amazingly and tastily, most of the menu can be made vegan. John hooked us up with lots of information and a card to get a free biscuit sandwich when we come back. The location was PRIME (minus the parking situation) with lots of people watching from the picnic tables and a coffee shop and a few cute stores nearby. One of the best things about this trailer though, is that you can bring a Mix CD and swap it with another one. Biscuits and Music. Amazing.

The Philly Nelson.

Joel enjoying Cinnamon Toast Crunch Covered French Toast.

The Donna Summer and a Gloria Gaynor with Vegan Chorizo!

They are open Thurs-Sun from 8:30am-2pm, but try to get there early before they run out of ingredients. A new location is coming soon to the Drag area!

We wandered over to Flightpath for some after biscuit espresso and tea, and I fell in love. This place is so cute.

Everything was up-cycled or recycled with a vintage feel. It was really quiet inside and seemed like everyone was motivated and focused on getting work done, and they actually advertise their quietness, and the fact that they aren't a live music venue. We had a good time meeting new and old friends and talking on the cozy patio.

I headed back to my neck of the woods, and stopped in at End of an Ear to buy some records for a friend's birthday record listening party. Oh, this place makes me wish I had money to buy a record player and start a record collection. One day!

I picked up Sassy Wife and ran around town and stopped in at Lovely. I picked up a ridiculously awesome hobo bag for under $30. I almost bought this jacket but it was out of my budget!

You should definitely stop in if you haven't already. They frequently host trunk shows and fun events, including Wine Wednesdays (3-6pm), where you can sip on some wine and check out new items.

Hope ya'll are having fun enjoying the weather and exploring the city!

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