Saturday, March 26, 2011

Say Yes to Sweet Dreams

I take my dreams seriously, ya'll. So does Tender Nightmare, a new improv troupe that takes suggestions from your dreams and puts them on the stage for everyone to laugh at...I mean...enjoy. Sunday night, FREE, 7pm, at Coldtowne Theater, so ya'll know the drill: BYOB and drive responsibly! If you'd like to submit your dreams to the show, e-mail a short 3-5 sentence description to

Here are a couple of my dreams for inspiration:

today i dreamt that the world ended. someone had an invention to show us that the world was coming to an end, but no one would pay him any attention. finally the world was visibly collapsing, the sun was coming closer and the earth was shrinking. it was a weird feeling knowing it was the end. i was holding on to something, so that i wouldn't blow away. but then everything was kind of calm as i closed my eyes and saw how the world would be when it ended. quiet, dark, and everything starting over, just a bunch of tiny, colorful amoebas.

then i dreamt that i was back in school in savannah and i was with this girl and she was scared that it was going to rain and flood. we were in the dorms alone, the power was out, and no one else was around. it thundered really loud and she was screaming and crying and i slapped her in the face and shook her and told her to calm down. but before i had time to say anything, it started to pour down rain really hard, and i looked to the right and there was this HUGE wave coming towards us. so we grabbed hands and somehow climbed up to the roof and by the time we got up there, the water had already risen to the top, nearly touching us. i was freaking out about my materialistic items. everyone else from the dorms was suddenly there too and we were all on the rooftops freaking out while the water was rising.

at one point we were driving through whatever city, it was kind of a mix of san fransisco and omaha. ha. they had these buildings that were like dollhouses. meaning they didn't have the fourth wall. they were hotels, each room set up just like a house, and people stayed in them, and everyone on the street or in their houses could see them. the decor was so awesome and bright and modern. people on the street would shout to the people in the hotel "hey, go to bed!" "hey, you're up early today!" i loved it so much i was squealing, like i usually do when i see new things.

my most fun dream was about solving a mystery involving postal workers and long boards and alleyways.

Okay, enough random insight into my brain. See you at the show!

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