Saturday, March 19, 2011

South by Serenity Now

Oh you guyyyyyys. SXSW wore me out. What? It's still going on? You guys are party animals! I'm taking it easy tonight but might see you out and about tomorrow. What do you have planned?

I don't have any kids, but I know some people do and that you are starting to sweat summer break already. I want your kids to keep Austin weird, so I found a couple of events to keep them entertained.....until dinner time.

You all know how much I love improv. During the Coldtowne Lock-In not too long ago, I saw a troupe called The Lindas, which was a group of two adult women and one eight year old girl. These girls brought down the house like I have never seen before. I don't know why kids making things up on the spot is funnier than when adults do it, but this style really works. So, I encourage you to drop your kids off at Improv Summer Camp at Coldtowne Theater this June. Classes run from the 10th-13th, and your middle or high school student can participate. Your kids will get funnier, gain confidence, and make friends. And if you get inspired, don't forget that you can always take a free improv class from my besties at Coldtowne, The Institution Theater or The Hideout.

I also want your kids to keep Austin artsy, so sign them up for classes or a week-long camp at Austin Museum of Art. Children as young as four can join in, and tons of classes on Photography, Drawing, and Sculpture are available. Yes, you can play too! They have parent/child classes for your youngins, or sign up for an adult class. Don't forget that Second Saturdays are for families at AMOA, and from 12-4, you can take a family yoga class, create art, or explore the galleries. Get in while you can, as sadly, AMOA downtown will be closing its downtown location.

Speaking of Goodbye City, Kyoto has closed. I don't know why, and I'm really sad I could never make it for the 45 minute happy hour. This city is evolving so fast, you gotta cram everything in as fast as you can!

Back to the art: I love city-wide, city-interactive art, like when Knitta, Please took over our city and knitted up a storm. Art Alliance Austin is bringing our city Play Me I'm Yours, which will be a month long exhibition that invites you to explore the sounds of our city. Starting April 1st, keep an eye out for random pianos around Austin, and then play them! Tomorrow is the last day to donate your old rusty piano if you've got one. You can't make this stuff up!

Have ya'll ever been to Co-Lab? It's this great art space in East Austin that brings in amazing exhibitions from near and far. You don't just hang a couple pictures on the wall and call it art here. The space changes for every show. Walls are painted, things are built and taken down within a day, people are dancing, and pretty soon: sleeping on the floor. On April 23rd, I invite you to check out Comfort Sessions. A mixed media performance by Katelene Hernandez that involves her larger project, Lullaby Sessions, where she sings to children, the lonely, or the sick. You are encouraged to wear your pajamas and bring sleeping bags. I can sleep and be part of art? I love you, Austin. Comfort Sessions runs until the 30th.

P.S. - I'm also a photographer! I recently wrote an article about Texas High School Football for St. Edward's University. I took all my photos in Austin except for one game in Galveston. My photos are up on Flickr if you're interested, and I'll be back with more info about my exhibition in July! You guys have to come see it cause it's my birthday.

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Love you and enjoy your SXSW day drunk 6th st pizza live music overload twitter feed best wurst detox!

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