Thursday, April 28, 2011


AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. I cried. What a play. I immediately loved Lana Dietrich when I saw her star in Vigil with Ken Webster at Hyde Park Theatre last fall, even though she only had a few lines. Now she shines even brighter with a full speaking roll and a dysfunctional personality and family. The story is easy to identify with no matter what your background and it will quickly suck you in, spin you around, and break your heart. Playing until May 22nd at Zach Theatre.

Opening yesterday, A Behanding in Spokane. I had no idea going in what this play was about, but I knew it would be great because it's at Hyde Park Theatre. It's definitely gripping and full of twists and f-bombs. The cast is brilliant and it's a really fun, entertaining, on the edge of your seat kind of show. Playing until May 28th! (Photo by Brent Brookshire)

My favorite Mamet men are at it again with two improvised plays this weekend. Check out Confidence Men at The Hideout Theater this Friday at 10pm, and again Saturday at Salvage Vanguard Theater at 10pm. Pretty soon these boys will be showin' off in New York, so catch them while ya can!

Speaking of these fine Mamet men, a few of them are involved in the production of True West. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays starting May 26th at Blue Theater. I've never been so excited for a play. And I want you to get excited too, so I'm going to give away two tickets to the show! Name three plays the Confidence Men have done during their shows and list them in a comment and I'll hit the first two people up with a ticket! (Hint: the link to find that information can be found by following one of the links in this post).

Come Saturday & Sunday, it's time for Reggie Watts at ND at 501 Studios. Tickets are $20 and shows are at 8pm. I'll be at the Sunday show with my crew! If you haven't seen Reggie yet, you gotta. The things this guy can do with his voice are out of this world.

Back to real life now. Have fun!

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