Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have you said your Yes today?

Geez, where the heck have I been, son? I've got summer school, a summer internship with Community Impact Newsletter, and work! Plus, this city has a way of sucking you up and spitting you out a week later with awesome memories but no time to recount them.

I went hiking! Supposedly there's supposed to be a treehouse in Rattan Creek Park, but we didn't find it. Put up some fun videos of our adventure on the FB!

I saw True West! You still have two weekends to catch it, including tonight. I loved it so much I'll be seeing it again closing weekend. It is such a fun play, and I was pleasantly surprised watching it, somehow never knowing what was going to happen next even though I was familiar with the script. Seeing it come alive in front of your eyes is amazing! After you see it, don't forget to help them out on The Kickstarter.

I've been hanging out on the East Side! We had a going away party for a friend at Gypsy Bar, and I couldn't think of a better place to do it. Lots of exciting people watching, hella cheap drinks, plenty of space outdoors, christmas lights, room for dancing inside, hula hoops, and a tasty tasty food trailer (get the french fries!!). I also checked out Yellow Jacket Social Club , a fun biker-friendly bar that used to be Cafe Mundi. They do it up right with coffee, food, and booze. They also screen bike-in movies, so when the next one rolls around, I'll let you know when you can ride in. If you miss Cafe Mundi, they are back in the form of a food truck. They have a happy hour from 5-7, so check them out.

I saw Michael Buble! I was also pleasantly surprised by this performance. I knew I liked a little of his music, but he made the show SO fun and SO involving by taking time to talk to the audience, take pictures, run through the isles, and tell funny stories. Quite a performer, that guy. Not bad looking either. Nice set of lungs....mmhmm. I was also happy to discover Naturally 7. These guys do "vocal play", aka making all the sounds of instruments with their voice. It's freaking awesome, check them out!

What else do I have planned?

I'd freakin' love to see Iron & Wine at The Paramount next month!

The Four Seasons Hotel has a city-wide scavenger hunt going on now, so you know I'M IN! You have until Labor Day to complete the challenge of 50 fun, mostly free, tasks around Austin, but you only need to do 25 to win prizes. Check out all the rules and fun stuff on their Facebook Page.

Speaking of free, unfortunately the Parlor North Loop is closing, but they are ending it with a bang by playing live music all this week, for free! The sched is on the internets here.

Whenever my day off rolls around, I'll be getting a massage at 12th Street Massage Therapy, so expect a review!

Have fun, and Say Yes!

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