Saturday, August 6, 2011

Say Yes to S'mores and More!

August 13th is the day to indulge. Start out at Twin Liquors Marketplace in the Galleria to sample the new spiced rum, Cruzan 9. It's 21+, free, and happening from 3-6pm. (Also check out their moonshine tasting on the 20th!) Then, mosey your way to Waterloo Park to check out Austin's 5th Ice Cream Festival. Bring your kids, your pets, your empty stomach, and some creativity to indulge in free ice cream and contests from 10am-7pm. Okay, and possibly some Tums. Mmm...brain freeze.

Another kid-friendly, super weird and cute event is happening at BookPeople on August 24th at 7pm. It involves Yoda and Orgami and a photo contest that ends August 10th, so get on it!

I am going to marry the Drafthouse. I mean think about it. They can cook, they have great taste in music and movies, they like to party, and they are always coming up with new and surprising ways to entertain me. My latest Drafthouse adventure involved Ricky Bobby and being jacked up on a lot of Mountain Dew. You know what I'm talking about. So, check out the quote along of Talledega Nights this week on Wednesday or Thursday, with the last showing being next Wednesday. Shake and Bake!

The people at the Four Seasons are sweet, sweet, scavenger hunt, s'more lovin' people. They have thought of the most awesome and Austin scavenger hunt ever, and everyone can participate and win. You have until September 5th, and the prizes are fabulous! One of the photo tasks is to enjoy s'mores on their back lawn, which happens every Friday and Saturday from 8-10pm. Yes!

Free and yoga are two of my favorite things, and lucky for me Yoga Vida is combining the two. On every Tuesday and Thursday this August, you can take the noon class for free at the downtown location. You have to be a new student, and you have to have the e-mail printed out. I have the e-mail and I can forward it to anyone interested in taking a free class at Yoga Vida!

Speaking of yoga, Austin's free day of yoga is coming up September 5th. Where are you going to take your free class? In October we'll have the Austin Yoga Festival, but you can buy your tickets now for a discount and free goodies. Namaste!

I have an itch to try hooping. You know, like hula-hooping. For fun. So, HoopCircle has us covered. August is drop in month! They have beginner and intermediate classes, hoop escape happy hour jams (hooping in the dark with led lights and music for only $5!), and hoop-building classes. Seriously, awesome.

Summer is for day trips. I've been lucky enough to be able to explore our surrounding cities this summer. So, on your next day off, take the toll road (seriously, so refreshing compared to I-35) to Hutto and after you've counted all the Hutto Hippos you can find (like this one!):

stop by Howdy's and enjoy delicious food and some Hutto hospitality! I sort of want to keep this delicious secret to myself, but I can't. Mini Crab Burgers.

Ken whipped some up fresh for me and my mouth watered for days! They also have crab stuffed mushrooms which are supposed to be the bomb. There are some cute shops and a bar with free wifi on the same block, so spend some time meandering without having to deal with the 6th st crowd.

I also found a sweet little spot in Round Rock that is perfect for picnics. Hence the name, Urban Picnic. Again, wonderful service, hospitality and delicious food. I got a tasty, filling vegetable sandwich. I dined in, but most everyone had the right idea by calling in ahead of time, picking up their gourmet box lunches, and heading out to enjoy it under a shady tree. They are open weekdays during 11am-2pm. Oh, and did I mention they have cake balls? CAKE BALLS!

So go out and enjoy your s'mores and scavenger hunts for the rest of summer!


  1. Oh my goodness, that food looks ubber yummy! I'm so jealous I'm missing free yoga day! I've always gone and this year will be the first one I've missed! Boo! Can't wait until I get home and can get back at it! :)