Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back from the dead!

So, I've apparently been asleep on the blog for the past two months. I've still been doing stuff, in fact, I've been doing 512, as accurately documented here by the party pictures I've been taking: Do512. It's been a fantastic internship, and I've still got a few more weeks to catch you and your friends being insanely Austin out on the town.

Today I'm heading to the second annual Gypsy Picnic. If you didn't go last year, it's where all the trailers (40+ of them!) disappear to for one day to sell you sample plates at $3 each. Bring your kids, bring your dog, cause they're feeding everybody out here! My favorites: The Jalopy, Gourdough's, Holy Cacao, Bananarchy, and if they are there this year, Patika or Phoebe's Mud for coffee!

Also catching my eye this afternoon is the Dia de los Muertos happenings downtown. Running from 2-10pm today, check out the vendors, grand procession, performances and activities. Go see dead people!

Halloween is my favorite freakin' holiday. You don't have to buy anyone anything, free candy is everywhere, and you don't get any weird looks for wearing a meat dress. Plus, the people watching is PRIME downtown. Grab a margarita and a table at Iron Cactus, and watch the fun unfold. Oh, and if you have a yellow jumpsuit, let me know.

To get you in a spooky mood:

Zombieween is happening tonight on the Austin Variety Show. There are a few tickets still on sale for the live taping, which will be followed by a zombie walk through Highland mall, and a VIP run through the House of Torment. These shows are tons of fun and always include live music, live comedy, game shows and prizes, burlesque, food & drink. Can you cram anymore awesomeness into a Saturday?

Scarlet Waters IV: Inner Cuts is a collection of indie horror films that will be showing today at DoubleTree University. It's running from 11am-11pm today, and it's free, so go freak yourself out!

For more of a nostalgic freaky feel, The Paramount will be showing off classic horror movies this month. Check out Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and Night of the Living Dead, starting on the 29th at 7pm!

And last but not least, the Zombie Ball is happening again this year with all kinds of entertainment to bring you back from the dead.

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