Friday, November 18, 2011

Fusebox Festival: Haircuts By Children

So last weekend, as part of the Fusebox Festival and E.A.S.T Austin Studio Tour, I signed up for Haircuts by Children. A crew of 5th graders took over Peacock Salon, took appointments, gave haircuts, sold lemonade, and cleaned up. Haircuts was really the highlight of my week and I hope they do it again next year! E.A.S.T is still going on through the weekend, so go wander around and enjoy some art. Here's how my head ended up:

I've been fixing it for a few days and now it's more like this:

I was headed to work when a kid on a skateboard told me they had free ice cream up the block. Amy's was handing out free scoops of Oreo, Chocolate, Vanilla, and vegan flavors (cherry lemonade!), with tons of crush-ins. So, thanks Amy's!

As I kept walking, I ran into some cute kids with banjos. They offered to play me a song for a quarter and I said yes. I was really surprised by their talent, and they were sooo sweet. If you happen to pass G Money and the Damn Thing, get yourself a song and tell them I said hi. Short video here:

Preparing you for your Thanksgiving feast: Wafflefest. Wafflefest at The Hideout Theatre is back for the 10th year, with all you can watch improv, and you guessed it, all you can eat waffles. Happening 'til Saturday!

The Association of Moving Image Archivists is going to be showcasing free films at The Paramount this Saturday starting at 9am and running until 3pm. Enjoy the art of the motion picture.

That's all I've got for now, but I'll be back with some Thanksgiving ideas!

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