Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Looking for something else to do this Thanksgiving besides stand around in your kitchen in your pajamas eating cookie dough? You can be grateful that Austin will keep us entertained in between bites.

Get your fill of food on:

Kerbey Lane! Vegan platter for a guilt-free holiday.
Carmelo's Regular menu/turkey special.
Kenichi! I'm grateful for sushi everyday.
Threadgill's Sweet home cookin' without the cleanup.
Finn and Porter Fancy dining, fancy fish.
Congress Keep it downtown.
Romeo's! Deep Fried Turkey. Or delicious Italian food.
Hyde Park Bar & Grill Delicious french fries.

Get your game face on:

The Tavern
J. Blacks Donating proceeds to Mobile Loaves and Fishes.
Third Base

Get your drink on and dance it off: 

Kiss & Fly ($1 wells till 11!)

Watch people outrun the tryptophan:

21st Annual Turkey Trot

Get your live music on:

The Scabs at Antone's

Get your movie AND your feast on:

All Alamo Drafthouse locations will have a Thanksgiving menu available with any movie.

Violet Crown Cinema will also be open at 2pm.

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