Friday, March 30, 2012

Say Yes And......

Hi, my name is Ryan and I update this blog infrequently! I hope you will forgive me and continue this adventure with me. I plan to make it a lot more exciting with audio, video, special stuff, and who knows what else! What do you say?

Saying Yes recently has led me to go to a wizard party, dye my hair pink, dance in a rap video, discover amazing new artists during SXSW, see more improv than I ever thought possible, start a fake-commercial Youtube channel (more info coming soon!), enjoy the Kite Festival for the first time, eat the bestest grilled cheese sandwiches, become Max Raabe's newest fan-girl, hula hoop, try more acupuncture, eat pie on national pie day, go to a Ryan party, get jiggy-crunk in the middle of a movie theater, see Ghostbusters: The Play in a park, have a day-time karaoke party, try crossfit, enjoy theater at Hyde Park, play my first ultimate frisbee game, destroy Star Trek Voyager at Pinballz Arcade, finally play Blazer Tag, perform in two shows, audition for another, form fantastic new relationships and rekindle old ones, and most importantly, find happiness!

So, where should I start?

I recently quit my job to focus on school, where I am taking four classes and in my last semester. I've always wanted to have pink hair, so this gave me the perfect opportunity. I decided to try Baldwin Beauty School, mostly because of the price and close location. I sat in the waiting area for about five minutes before they called me up. They weren't sure if they would be able to do the pink, but they said they could take care of the bleaching process. Since my hair had box dye in it (from around July), they were skeptical about how my hair would take to the bleaching process. We ran a test strip of hair, and since my hair is super boss, it took fine. They found a light pink and dark pink color that they would be able to mix together, so we began!

I start with light brown hair with box dye in it. 
Jade was awesome! I sort of loved this golden color.

And the final product! 

The store closes at 5pm, and I had already been there for a little over two hours, so we didn't have time to let the pink color set long enough. 

You can see how much it had faded here.

And the final final product! 

Jade recommended always washing with cold water and using a sulfate-free shampoo. She also let me know about a couple of hair dye products I could pick up if I wanted to touch it up on my own. It still ends up fading every time I wash it (being in the sun and blow-drying probably don't help either), but I am so happy with my pink hair! My favorite compliment so far has been "I like your hair. It reminds me of Spring!" which was delivered by a total stranger. I would absolutely recommend Baldwin Beauty School for all your beauty needs. Everyone was really nice, funny, and super excited to see the outcome of my pinkxpiriment. It was pretty funny to look up and see about 15 beauty school students staring at me, waiting to see my reaction! Check out their website for all the services they offer. I will definitely be back to get my hair back to normal, and get a $7 manicure. Seven dollars! 

I will be back shortly with a review of The Aliens, which is currently running at Hyde Park Theater. 

But in the meantime, find me at Salvage Vanguard Theater tonight, performing in my No Shame Theater debut! No Shame is an open-mic free-for-all that is always funny, random, and surprising. The only requirement is that the piece is original and under five minutes. Sign up is at 9:30 and the show begins at 10pm! I hope to see you there! I'm the one with pink hair. 

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