Friday, June 1, 2012

Say Yes and Never Sleep!

So I am back to brown hair now, but my life is still far from normal! Over the past few months I have GRADUATED COLLEGE, started writing a book with a friend, gone swing and blues dancing, watched a movie in the park, gone to the drive-in, had more than one impromptu bar sing-along, attended the sold-out Childish Gambino concert, discovered I actually like gravy at Biscuits + Groovy, seen my favorite improv show of the season: This American Live!, re-visited all of my favorite iconic spots to show someone around town, attended a wizard/weather party, crashed a porch party, been an extra in the movie Bounceback (releasing Jan. 2013):

Had a silly string fight:
Had an epic food fight:
 Attended a Burlesque Birthday Party:
Watched the sunset at The Oasis: 
Covered the city with balloons: 
Performed with Your Dad's Friends:
And now, have agreed to attempt to watch 43-hours straight of improv. I explain things here:

Check out the event here on Facebook, the hardcore four here, and most importantly, watch the entire marathon here:

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