Saturday, June 30, 2012

Say Yes Summer!

How ya doin', Austin? Sweatin', I'm sure! Luckily, there's an app for that. Austin Swim is a new app for the iPhone that will let know when and where to get your swim on. For under $2, you can download the app that is rich with details on hours, admission fees, and more on ALL the city and county swimming pools, as well as some off-the-grid spots. That's a swim win. A swin, if you will. Let's go swinning!

If you're too hot (or lazy, or hungover) to leave the house, check out the super new super awesome company called Couch Potato. With hours that start as early as 11am and end as late as 3am with no minimum order requirement, it's pretty hard to come up with an excuse not to order. Delivery is a cheap $3/free if your order is over $20, and comes to you in an eco-friendly car named Smiley. They have everything from party supplies (think red Solo cups and ping pong balls,) to medication, quick meals and toiletries. The best part is that they support local business such as TacoDeli (who use mashed potatoes instead of regular potatoes and it's delicious!), Cool Haus and Cornucopia. The other best part is that they have an amazing beer and wine selection. The OTHER best part is that anything can be made into a gift basket! PS: My birthday is next week! Embrace the lazy! 

If you're just into booze, need a keg, or are really craving some Four Loko, call or text Smitty's Beer & Wine for delivery within 20 minutes! Give them a quick 'like' on Facebook for a free delivery! These sentences are making me thirsty. 

If you get a second wind and actually want to go do something, I got ya covered. My birthday month is going to be quite the epic adventure. 

Celebrate July, Independence Day, and my birthday at this week's Terror Tuesday at the Alamo Drafthouse with a showing of Uncle Sam! Tickets are super cheap ($2!), parking downtown will be free, and THE FOOD IS SO GOOD. USA! USA!

I'm always talking about improv. That's because it's amazing. Especially Bads Boy Improv. They start with a simple suggestion of any word and turn it into a tear-inducing laugh fest. Their energy is electrifying, their chemistry is remarkable, and the connections they create with each other make for amazing scenes on stage. Be sure to check them out Thursday nights at 8pm in July at ColdTowne Theater, where the tickets are five dollars, the booze and snacks are free/byob, and the comedy is off the hook. If you want to make a weekend out of it, see them Thursday the 12th at ColdTowne, Friday the 13th at The Hideout, and the 14th at The InstitutionIf you see a show and like it, like it more on Do512 to help spread the word. 

Summer is for ice cream and movies. Local Amy's Ice Cream is bringing us the best of both! Grab the kids or embrace your inner child and head over to their various locations for movie nights! Happening Monday and Tuesday nights through July. I love Amy's for doing awesome stuff like this, having vegan options, and creating new flavors with inspiration from local boozers like Tito's Vodka or Republic Tequila. Keep it up! Here's a preview of the schedule: 

July 2 - Fifel Goes West (Burnet) 
July 3 - Flash Gordon / Time Bandits (6th Street) 
July 9 - Ratatouille (Burnet) 
July 10 - Lilo & Stich / Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (6th Street) 
July 16 - All Dogs Go To Heaven (Burnet)
July 17 - Batman (1966) / Batman Returns (6th Street)

The Cinema East Summer Film Series is also taking over the town every two weeks until August at Yellow Jacket Track Field (not the be confused with the awesome biker bar, Yellow Jacket Social Club). Films start at 9pm, has a $3 cover, and beer and hot dogs are available but you can also byob. 

Keep your partyin' patriotic and check out Bat City Bombshells at their second annual Pasties for Patriots Burlesque Benefit show on July 4th at The Parish. Get your tickets early, before they sell out, for only $10! 100% of the proceeds are donated to the USO organization to support military men and women. In between hoots and hollers, check out the raffle and photobooth! 

Remember that awesome band Everclear? Well they are coming to the Moody Theater for a price, but you can catch them for free at Waterloo Records at 5pm on July 5th. If pop is more your thing, check out the Boy Band vs Pop Princess Dance Party at The Highball on July 7th! 

On July 12th, my favorite theater company has it's opening night of Tigers Be Still. I have loved every production I've seen at Hyde Park Theatre, so I'm sure this show will be equally amazing. Shows at 8pm every weekend with student discounts and pay-what-you-can nights! 

Well, that should keep you busy for a while! In the meantime, this is a project I recently said yes to: Follow Friday the Film. Erin is traveling 8,000 miles to interview140 characters....people, that is... about how and why they use Twitter. Her crew dropped into Austin to eat at Guero's and interview my friends and I! Find her in a city near you and be part of the film! 

Until next time, keep it cool, and keep it weird, Austin!

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