Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saying Yes and Risking It

I spent the past week in Houston, and while it was a blast, as soon as I got back I dove head first back into the Austin scene.

Speaking of head first, my friend decided to take a risk and chop off her long locks! She had been wanting to do this for a while and encouraged all of her friends to take their own risk and do something they've always wanted to do. I haven't decided what my risk is yet, but when I find it, I will take it. I'm open to suggestions!

Ash chose Heather Davis at Salon Savoy to perform this awesome transformation! The salon is adorable, clean, and everyone was sweet and excited about Ash's decision! I stopped by to document part of the process. Here is the lovely lady before and after:

I later made my way through the downtown takeover that is ROT Rally to have dinner at Parkside

We didn't have reservations so we snagged two seats at the bar. It was still happy hour (1/2 off all beer, liquor, and bar food every night until 7pm!). We started with the Summer Love, which is Tito's, Aperol, and Watermelon. It was extremely refreshing, which made it very easy to suck down four of them. Whoops. 

We each chose two starters and two salads. The Petite Grilled cheese and Potato Gnocchi came out first, and my dining partner had to tell me to stop moaning all over the food. The grilled cheese bites were PERFECTION! The bread was expertly buttered and toasted, and the spicy ketchup and sweet tomato jam were the most amazing condiments. Yeah, we ordered another one. The gnocchi was topped with parmesan and local arugula and all the flavors blended together to create a mouth-watering experience. Our salads were delivered next. We chose the Spiced Beet Salad and the Feta Salad. The beet salad was a tear-inducing experience, as the harmony of the honey yogurt, beets, and chilled cucumber made me want to cry tears of joy. I had no idea I could enjoy a salad so much, and I love salads. While Parkside features an exquisite steak and seafood menu, I was completely pleased with the vegetarian options. The atmosphere is perfect for a date night, and the location is perfect for a pre-event dinner. I highly recommend you make your reservations now and definitely stop by for happy hour!

We continued on our adventure and dodged the crowds until we made it to the Paramount Theater for the first night of George Lopez. The band Suede opened, and they are a pretty great cover band. I've always wanted to see them so I'm glad I finally got the chance. An opening comedian came on, but I don't think he ever said his name. He was pretty funny. I especially loved his bits about dating. He never came out for an encore, though!

After George, I headed to a sleepover chock-full of Austin improv women. We played pictionary, improvised card games, painted our nails, swapped clothes and more. Life is amazing. 

Tonight? I will be performing in the closing show of This American Live, my favorite improvised show to hit theaters this season. Show is at 8pm at Salvage Vanguard Theater. Be prepared to have your mind blown!

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