Saturday, July 7, 2012

Super Say Yes Birthday Extravaganza!

Happy July! My birthday was an amazing array of friends, entertainment, great food, delicious drinks, surprises, and more!

We started out with lunch at my favorite sushi place downtown, Silhouette. We devoured about ten rolls, and they were all fantastic. My favorites are still the Shanghai Roll, a roll with snow crab that is baked in the oven, and the Hamtaro Roll, which is topped with fresh strawberries. We left there pretty stuffed. My lunch and my boys:

I headed back south to claim all my free birthday goodies, starting with a free car wash at Genie Car Wash:

Then over to Amy’s Ice cream for a free ice cream!

I tried the malted vanilla with junior mints. It was perfect. My friend who is a cake decorator there has also informed me that they make cakes! Those have got to be good.

I wandered up South Congress until I found a .50 cent sale at St. Vincent de Paul. Also, it looks like Rusty’s Swimwear dropped off a truckload of bathing suits, and they are all $3! You definitely have to search through to find matching pieces, but.....$3! 

I walked over to Vulcan Video to take advantage of my free birthday rental, where I ended up renting 4 movies because it was 2-for-1-Tuesday.

I also ran into my friend from work, who talked me into birthday margaritas. Guero’s was next door, so that’s where we went!

I was hoping to get home in time for a birthday nap, but I had to get to Trudy’s for my free Mexican martini! The gang was all there! 

We ate, drank, laughed, chanted, and sang. Beautiful moments!

After dinner and drinks we moved over to 29th St. Ballroom for some slam poetry. We ended up just sitting outside on the patio and checking out the Love Balls Bus

My friend was eyeing Toy Joy from across the street, so, all 10 of us held hands in a line, elementary school style on our trek to the store. We found a couple from Portland who joined our hand train to explore with us! Toy Joy heard it was my birthday so I got to rummage through their Birthday Box! 

A few of us had tickets to Terror Tuesday, so we headed downtown to the Ritz see Uncle Sam! It was pretty epic and hilarious. It was the end of my non-vegan scarf-it-down fest, so I ate an entire pizza and a basket of queso fries. I sort of regretted it later, but Drafthouse food is my weakness!

Last stop of the night was Barbarella for Tuesgayz. I’ve been here a few times now, and I just can’t make myself like it. I’m definitely past the point in my life where I want to be in loud, sweaty clubs every night (I mean, come on, I am 26 now, haha!), but when I do, I don’t want to wait in line AND pay a cover AND have to wait 30 minutes for a drink at the bar. The place is connected to Swan Dive, which is always empty except for the huge line at the bar. The combination of clubs is confusing, and it’s really easy to lose a friend in the crowd, as there is an upstairs, another upstairs, an outside bar, etc. The music and dancing is been great, but the ceiling has leaked and dripped on me every time, and it’s gross.

So, I headed home and face planted in bed, thoroughly satisfied with my amazing day!

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