Friday, July 20, 2012

Ubu Roy this weekend!

Tonight and tomorrow night are the last two nights to check out Ubu Roy. It's absurd and vulgar (it opens with the main characters having sex against a tree), and yet is full of random playfulness and interesting characters (and possibly a live chicken). The scenes are quick and quirky, which gives you time to process and whisper "what the hell...." to yourself. The experience alone is worth it, as you wander back into the woods of East Austin, sip on homemade sangria, pet the neighborhood dog, watch a chair zipline towards you, and see theater happen before you on a homemade stage in the middle of nowhere. Tickets are $15, bring cash for sangria, and sit in the middle or to the left because you can't see anything from the seats on the right. Playing until the 21st. This is what Austin is all about.

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