Monday, October 15, 2012

Say Yes to gettin' spooked!

It's apparently about to be Halloween! Getting dressed up and drunk on 6th street is where it's usually at, but, we've got a better idea with this new haunted house idea!

Talented creeps from all over the U.S. have joined together to create a one-of-a-kind spooky experience for us Austin weirdos. Ecopocalypse takes on you an interactive choose your own adventure style journey through 15,000 square feet of a city that is facing the end of the world. I met some of the crew yesterday, and walking alone into a dark warehouse with boarded up windows, dead trees, and rattling cages was creepy enough on it's own. I can tell this place is going to be intense. David Karave of Ubu Roy is working special effects, and actors and set designers from all over have come to help scare the psychological skinny jeans right off ya.

To kick it all off, there will be an opening night gala, Dia de los Muertos, to benefit the Sustainable Food Center. The gala starts at 6pm on Thursday, October 18th, and will be held next door to the haunt at Pecan St. Cafe. Tickets get you in to witness a cutthroat Austin chef competition, food samples from ten different Austin restaurants, a silent auction, and of course, free swag!

The far from average haunted house, Ecopocalypse, will open on the 19th and runs until the 30th. Doors open at 5pm and they won't close until the line ends! Find it at the Coppertank Event Center which is at 5th and Trinity downtown.

If you make it out alive you get a sweet, tasty, bonus. Food and drink! Foodtopia will be taking over the lot next door with tons of yummy, sustainable trailer food, and a full bar to help you with those shaking hands and quickened heartbeats.

I can't really think of a better way to start out the Halloween season. Get your tickets here. Keep a crazy eye on the deal sites, like this one, where you can get discounted tickets to the Ecopocalypse Haunted House in Austin!

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