Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top five Tuesday list!

Say Yes! Unless you're too sleepy, or busy, or just don't feel like it. Hello, old friends. Apparently I only update this blog in months that start with the letter "J!" I took a small say yes hiatus to sleep and just say maybe for a while. Here's what I've been up to:

I was a guest story-teller for the Megaphone show at New Movement Theater! The Megaphone show runs every Wednesday at 9:30 and is free & byob! Every week they invite a "special guest/local celebrity/fun-person-about-town" up on stage to share a few of their favorite true stories. They take bits and pieces of those stories and use them to inspire their improv show. It was my first time in their new theater downtown, and it's a really great space. Parking is abundant during that time, and they have mini fridges to keep your beverages cool. Be sure to check out one of their shows or free improv classes soon!

My next adventure involved playing "Deep Reality Chick" in Happiness is a Choice's 20th experiment! That show was a blast, and I can't wait to see them perform again. 

I've also been trying to meet up with more local bloggers, so I e-mailed Heidi from Free Fun in Austin and we got together for some wine & blog talk! You should definitely check out her site for all the free & super cheap happenin' things around the city. 

The other day for dinner I stopped in to Counter Culture for a nice vegan meal, on what I thought was just a normal day in Austin, but of course it's Austin! So it seemed to be that I had stumbled upon an open mic night. I was the only one enjoying the patio when the poets & musicians (total characters, by the way) arrived, so I went ahead and read a poem of mine. Good times! They will be there every Wednesday night at Counter Culture, and possibly incorporating live painting and other art forms soon. 

So, on to my top five picks for Tuesday. Because honestly, Tuesday is a little boring.

  1. Make it theatrical: Head up to Hyde Park Theater for a free preview of their new masterpiece, Thom Pain (based on nothing). If you know me, I recommend seeing every play that every graces the stage at Hyde Park. If you can't see it for free today, Thursdays are Pay What You Can night, and the show will run through August 3rd! 
  2. Make it terrifying: Catch a classic horror film at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz tonight at 9:55pm. Tonight's pick: POPCORN. Just $3. Of course, actual popcorn is extra. And delicious!!!!
  3. Make it fit: Take a ride with Mellow Johnny's Ladies' Ride from 5:30-7:30pm tonight. This is a weekly ride that allows you to meet fellow lady cyclists while cruising scenic scenes. Mellow Johnny's offers tons of other rides throughout the month, so be sure to check out my Work-Out Plan calendar (to your right)! 
  4. Make it funny: Check out the Stool Pigeon show at Coldtowne Theater at 8:30pm. The show's "pigeon" relates stories from their life, and the cast runs with it to create an improv show! 
  5. Make it taco?: Chill out at Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar (not to be confused with Lucy in Disguise, or Lucy's Fried Chicken, or Rainey St. Bar Lucille's, although all great places....) for $1, $2, and $3 taco night! Tonight also happens to be Texas Music Tuesdays at Lucy's, so you can jam AND cram cheap tacos in your facehole. Plus, it's pup friendly. Happy hour from 3-7pm, and music starts at 6! 
I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed this edition of Say Yes Austin, the summer series. Tag #sayyessummer when doing your social media things to let me know if you're checking out any of these events, or if you know of some I should look into! 

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